Why Greifswald? 7 Reasons Why You Should Study in Greifswald

Seminars in Greifswald - Photo: Magnus Schult

1. Excellent Study Conditions

The University of Greifswald provides an excellent student-staff ratio, committed teachers who care about their students, small practical and seminar groups, innovative forms of teaching and learning.

Florian Siegerist - Photo: Till Junker

2. Innovative Research for Tomorrow’s World

Innovative and first-class research addresses pressing topics of today and tomorrow: Environment, climate, ecology, energy, raw materials, health, international relations and globalisation. Students are introduced to research from an early stage and benefit from the highly modern infrastructure.

Students Summer School - Photo: Kilian Dorner

3. Excellent Supervision

The University of Greifswald provides its international students with excellent supervision. The International Office is happy to provide advice and support regarding study-related, legal and social issues.

Welcome to the Greifswald Summer

4. International Community

The University promotes international exchange in both research and teaching and provides numerous opportunities for international exchange. At the same time, life in Greifswald is influenced by an intercultural community that provides you with various offers to get involved.

UNIQUE-Businessplanwettbewerb - Photo: Till Junker

5. Startup Culture

As the regional motor for innovation with its university and world-class research institutes in the fields of plasma physics and animal health, Greifswald is the perfect breeding ground for innovative new businesses. The University encourages students with various startup competitions and a new open-space innovation centre will soon be opening its doors in the town centre.

Bicycle Town Greifswald - Photo: Till Junker

6. 15-Minute Town

Greifswald is known throughout Germany as a bicycle town and the two-wheelers are the students’ most popular mode of transport. It takes no longer than 15 minutes to get anywhere in town by bike, whether it’s from your lecture to the Mensa, or from the town centre to the shores of the Bay of Greifswald.

Students of Greifswald - Photo: Kilian Dorner

7. Location, Location, Location

Greifswald’s position right next to the Baltic Sea and between the islands of Rügen and Usedom draws visitors to its beaches, harbours and water sports activities. And Berlin is not that far away if you fancy a city-break.