Costs and Financing

"Money rules the world."

A student has to live, eat, sleep, be mobile and much more. So you have to reckon with expenses for the following things: Flat, food, travel costs (in Greifswald you only need a good bike), communication (mobile phone, internet, GEZ, post office), doctor (insurance etc.), clothes, learning aids, free time (sports, culture etc.), university fees.

Here you can find more information about the costs of studying.


How do you finance your studies? We have listed several possibilities and further links, where you can get more information about the different financing possibilities.

General overview of many financing possibilities

Tips around the topic of finances

Part-Time Jobs

In Greifswald there are several opportunities to earn money on the side. From a job in a fast food restaurant to a student assistant at your own faculty.

What do I need to know?


General Information about scholarships

What scholarships are available? And where/how can I apply for them? You will find more information on the following pages:

The five biggest mistakes about scholarships (Quelle:
  1. Scholarships are only for highly gifted, committed or needy people.
    - Far from it! The selection criteria are very varied. They can range from the subject of your studies to your parents' profession or your place of birth.
  2. There are only a few scholarship providers!
    Wrong! There are over 2,000 scholarship providers in Germany. Approximately every fifth foundation does not find suitable scholarship holders.
  3. Scholarships are for first-year students only!
    - Also wrong! There are many scholarships that are specifically aimed at advanced semesters! In addition, you can also receive a grant for your thesis, semester abroad or internships abroad.
  4. Many apply for scholarships!
    - That's not right! More than 2/3 of all students have never applied for a scholarship! Take your chance now.
  5. Applying for a scholarship takes a long time!
    - Also not right! At you can find out in just a few minutes which scholarships fit on your CV. Often a cover letter and your CV are all you need for your application.

Nowadays it is also possible to finance your studies with a loan if subsidies from parents, part-time jobs and BAföG are not enough. We have also compiled some information addresses for you here:

General Information and Credit Comparison
Education loan - what is it?
Who can get the education loan?