General Information

Geography deals with the spatial structure, properties and evolution of the earth's surface. In addition, the influence of humans is investigated, as well as the relationship between human existence and natural conditions.


The Geography course of study is subject to local admission restrictions.


Geography is a Bachelor's/Master's programme. In addition to the subject-specific basics in general physical geography, general economic and social geography, geo-ecology and cartography as well as regional geography, geology, human geography and population geography, the student also learns supplementary knowledge from biology, economics and public law in the Bachelor's programme, which regularly lasts 6 semesters. Excursions can be taken during the course of study.
The knowledge can be deepened in a Master's programme with a standard period of study of 4 semesters.

Career Prospects

Geographers work in various authorities, planning offices, environmental protection, in the construction industry, but also in the tourism industry or for insurance companies.