General Information

Physics investigates the fundamental laws of nature. It deals in particular with interactions in space and time of matter and energy. Physicists try to explain natural phenomena through models and laws.


The physics course is free of admission!


Physics is a Bachelor's/Master's program. In the regular 6 semester bachelor course the student learns the basics of analysis, linear algebra, differential equations, mechanics, heat, electricity, optics, atomic and molecular physics, solid state physics, nuclear and elementary particle physics and plasma physics. In addition, he gains basic knowledge of theoretical mechanics, electrodynamics, quantum mechanics and thermodynamics. An accompanying internship is completed during 3 semesters.
After graduation, an in-depth Master's programme can be started, which has a standard period of study of 4 semesters.

Career Prospects

Physicists work in many areas of the economy, such as electronics, electrical engineering, precision mechanics, communications technology, medical technology or environmental technology. In addition, they control and develop a wide variety of measuring instruments and production methods.

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