Studying and then?

"I am more interested in the future than in the past, because I intend to live in it." (A. Einstein)

In order for Germany to remain economically competitive, qualified specialists are needed, especially in the fields of science, research and technology. This means that graduates from the MINT sector have very good chances on the job market. The number of MINT workers is rising.
A broad spectrum of specialist knowledge is in demand. Qualifications are also needed that combine several skills, such as biomathematics, bioinformatics or environmental sciences. However, specialisations are also important. About 200 years ago, it was possible to be a chemist, physicist and physician at the same time. Today, an incredible amount is known and more knowledge is added every day. In addition, specialist areas can also be interdependent. For example, biologists and physicians need computer scientists and mathematicians. Specialisation and cooperation are becoming increasingly important.
Research and development training is constantly opening up new occupational fields that are still unknown today. International and national career opportunities are opening up, especially in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Examples of MINT employers in MV

We have researched a few MINT companies in MV for you. Of course the world is open to you with a MINT degree, but competent graduates are also sought and needed in MV. And you will live where others go on holiday.

Of course, the list does not claim to be complete. New opportunities and future perspectives are constantly emerging.


Julius Kühn-Institute

The JKI is the Federal Research Institute for Cultivated Plants in Germany.

Patent and Evaluation Agency Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

The business activities of PVA-MV include the professional and commercial evaluation of research results from universities and non-university research institutions.


GILUPI GmbH is a manufacturer of medical devices focusing on the development and production of new innovative products for the in vivo isolation of rare cells from the blood.

DST Diagnostische Systeme und Technologien

DST specializes in the development and production of allergen extracts that provide the most accurate diagnostic results for testing for allergies and food intolerances.